• Green S01 personal transporter Red

Green S01 personal transporter Red

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The most modern, comfortable, fashionable and environmentally friendly way to get around in marinas, campgrounds, the city, and anywhere you want to have fun with an outside-the-box transportation experience. The Green S01 personal transporter is for everyone: people of all ages can use this method of transportation, steering it with light twists to the front or the back. Start, stop, reverse and turn. It´s never been easier thanks to our personal transporter!
It weighs 20 kg, and has a maximum velocity of 15 km/hr. The battery lasts for 40 km, and does not require any kind of special maintenance. The lithium-ion battery charges completely with just 3 hours in the sun. Lightweight, small and easily manageable. Once you´ve finished using it, you can store it in a small space: a boat locker, an RV, or a small storage compartment.
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Why choose the Green S01 Personal Transporter?

  • You can move freely in any direction
  • It is sturdy, lightweight, dynamic and environmentally friendly
  • the 4 sensors that control movement automatically balance the scooter
  • It’s fun and fashionable
  • You store it in a tiny space… use it and then… it’s out of sight!

Technical data

  • Weight: 20 Kg
  • Minimum weight load: 20 Kg
  • Maximum weight load: 100 kg
  • Maximum speed: 15 km/h
  • Radius of rotation: ZERO m
  • Maximum distance with a full charge: 25 Km
  • Battery: Lithium
  • Motor power: 800 W
  • Charge: 100v/240V
  • Dimensions: 437x345x1370 mm
  • Height of adjustable handle: 101/137 cm
  • Height of driving platform: 21 cm
  • Wheel diameter: 19 cm
  • Charging time: 3 hours

Personal trasporter Green S01


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